Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hello All ;)

Seems like lawwhore has been gone for a while.... and I have and missed you all in the process. I sort of lost the energy, but realized it wasn't coming back if I didn't just try to jump into the writing thing again. So... blog buddies...

What are you doing this summer?

Me? Well aside from lawwhoring I am working at a firm in DC for the summer, this firm will definetly remain unnamed. And if you're wondering whether or not I got the job in a legitamite way... I did not. Dislike me for it all you like, but damn it I am anonymous so I can just you all the truth.

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Firstyear, SL....whatcha up to?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Learn English? Why?

Thinking Fool got me thinking about this topic and I, of course, went on the hunt for some more info.

I found this article, talking about the assimilation of immigrants to this country.

Now... my personal feelings are that people who move to this country should learn english and if they do not learn then they should not be able to gain citizenship and that accomadations should not be made for them. Speaking a different language is not a disablity, it is something that can be changed. I see the refusal of (in this case Mexican) some immigrants to refuse to learn the language but still expect that others communicate with them in their native language to be extremeley rude and disrespectful. They come to this country because the USA offers more then their country did, the least they can do in order to capitolize on the oppourtunty is to learn the common langauge.

I am an immigrant to the US and when me and my family first arrived the first thing we did was learn english! How on earth were me and my sibling going to get a good education without english? What sort of crappy low paying job could my parents get without english? In this way, I think those who don't learn the langauge are setting themselves up for failure, and in particular I feel no sympathy for them in the least. They can learn English, but choose not to. This country is all about free choice.... so they choose their own destiny.

Sorry for the rant, this is a hotspot for me!


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Impossible Has Occurred!!!!!

My very first "strawberry" came up :) I wish this sucker (and hopefully many of it's friends and cohorts) would come up and ripen so I can have some good snacks for finals. But I have a feeling I wont be in the strawberry till June at the least. Though, this being my first year growing something so anything is a sucess. I have killed every single indoor plant I have ever tried to grow.

In other news.... last class was Monday and I am more then happy to about to take finals. I am so much more relaxed then this time last semester.

Good Luck to all :)

First Year-

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hi All :)

LW is back! With all the excitement I haven't been around much, but I was sent a story about the 10 worst companies of 2005 .

The motives behind the writing may be questionable, but I love reading all about the crap corporations pull.

On other news... classes are ending, so I will nothing but studying (for 2 open book exams!) left on my plate. I am going to be more then happy to get back to the gym and relax a bit. Of course that wont actually happen, but one can dream :)

Monday, April 24, 2006


Just wanted to apoligize for going MIA for awhile :( Seems that the slight down time before finals others experience was sorry left out of the planning process at my law school.

I cannot wait to just take these finals. Its funny, last semester I was freaking out about it coming too soon.... but this time around I just want it done with.

Hope that the studying didn't keep the rest of you in this weekend!

Monday, April 17, 2006

How Did They Think This Could Work???

Check out these freaks, who lied about birthing 6 children.

What catches my eye most about this article is when the women says that people would not understand. Understand what??? That you and hubby are scam artists who were trying to get cash, a car, and a new home from the public by lying about having 6 children at once? I think I understand, and I think you are a crappy person. I think you people should be added to Thinking Fool's list of people who should not breed.

First Year :)

I'm an aunt!!!!

Just wanted to pop in and share my news. This weekend my sister had her first child, a daughter, making me an auntie.

Its sad I wont be getting to see to much of her, since we live about 800 miles away, but hopefully this summe I will be able to get up there for a week or two :)


Friday, April 14, 2006

I am disgusted by the homophobes in this CNN article discussing the plans of gay and lesbian advocacy groups to send gay and lesbian families to the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Mark D. Tooley of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, a fundamentalist Christian activist group, made the asinine remark, "I think it's inappropriate to use a children's event to make a political statement." Well, regardless of what homophobes from the Institute on Religion and Democracy might claim, there is nothing in appropriate about children attending a children's event. And if those children's parents wear a rainbow patch, that's OK by me. Gay people are people too. And gay families are families too. Families of all stripes should be welcome at a family event at the people's house.

It is ironic that half of the Institute on Religion and Democracy's mission is to fight the persecution of Christians abroad, while the half of the Institute is dedicated to persecuting non-Christians in the United States. I see the religion, but where's the democracy?